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Bladder Scanner PBSV7.1

Bladder Scanner PBSV7.1 is a new generation bladder scanner with high accuracy, no need to select gender, and multiple scanning-depths available.


Error rate: ±5%≥100mL);±5mL(<100mL

Results with multiple display

          Display the value with image, Bar code,and QR code

Wireless print

Large memory capacity with 10,000 cases

Power: Lithium battery and DC charge

Multiple scanning-depths with 160mm, 180mm, and 200mm


Transducer freq: 3.5 MHz

Scan method: 3D

Sway angle: 96°±2°

Rotate angle: 180°±2°

Display screen: 10.3" Pad

Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium battery

Patient ID: 18 digit maximum

Scan range: 0-2000ml

Accuracy: ±5%≥100mL);±5mL(<100mL

Scan time: 3S





Application: Hospital, Clinic, Nursing home, Community medical center